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The Improvement of Skateboard Wheel and the Function of Wheel Core

Skateboard wheels have gone through a long process from clay to even metal materials. Those who have

Skateboard wheels have gone through a long process from clay to even metal materials. Those who have used these different wheels should be able to verify the improvements in speed, grip and other sliding properties of modern polyurethane wheels. This should work for the elasticity of the urethane wheel, which snaps back to its original state after twisting.

High grade skateboard wheel

  Modern polyurethane is more resilient than the original, which can be verified by throwing the wheel on the ground and watching how high it rebounds. This feature greatly reduces the drag when the wheel turns. When gliding on a skateboard, the leading edges of the wheels are stressed. As this end rotates backwards, its elasticity releases power to the wheels forward. When the wheel is too soft, the process is relatively slow and doesn't work. If it is too hard, the wheel deformation is not large, and the rebound effect on the asphalt pavement is also very slow, wasting elastic potential energy.

  The high-quality pulleys produced by regular skateboard wheel manufacturers use plastic wheel cores to place the bearings, and can release the heat generated by the high-speed rotation of the bearings through the wheels, avoiding the melting of the polyurethane material of the wheels. The danger is even greater when the phenomenon of "falling off the top" occurs. The heat dissipation effect of the exposed wheel core is better than that of the built-in wheel core.

  At the same time, the wheel core can also ensure the roundness of the wheel and prevent local wear. A wheel with a large core keeps the wheel turning when it sideslips and retains its shape longer than a wheel without a core. Wheels with cores slide faster on smooth surfaces with less deformation, while soft wheels with large cores slide slower on rough surfaces.

  When the skateboard wheel slides sideways, lateral wear will occur. At this time, the wheel stops rotating, causing local wear to be greater than other parts of the wheel, just like a motorcycle will make a harsh noise when running laterally. Sideslip can be used to slow down and, if not well controlled, drive people out. To prevent this from happening, avoid complete sideslip when sliding, and repair or replace the pulley in time.

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