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Application and size of skiing wheel

 The ground contact of roller skates is mostly rubber or PU pulleys, while the contact surface of ro

  The ground contact of roller skates is mostly rubber or PU pulleys, while the contact surface of roller skates is a metal "skate"; in addition, roller skating has higher requirements on sports equipment, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, hand pads, etc. There are all kinds of equipment, and the most commonly used protective equipment in skating is the knee pad.

  Although roller skating and ice skating are in the same vein and have similarities in technology, they are quite different in the details of starting, acceleration, center of gravity switching, braking, and trick movements.

Skating Wheel

  Roller skating and skating have three basic sports: figure, ball and speed skating. At the same time, roller skating also derives sports such as flat-land tricks, figure braking, downhill, free roller skating, etc., while skating does not have so many sports. categories and gameplay. There are many learning and training venues for roller skating, and it is enough to have a hardened surface; the basic movements and physical training of skating can be completed on an ordinary hardened surface, but the skating practice must be completed on the ice surface.

  The wheels of skating wheel manufacturers are suitable for the use of shoes. The size of flat flower wheels is generally 74MM and 76MM, and some are 76MM and 80MM, and the hardness is 85A. The wheels of speed skating shoes are generally 4×100 in size.

  As for other types of shoes, the requirements for the wheels are more clear. The wheels of extreme shoes are very hard, and the wheel size is small and seems to be 52MM and 56MM. In terms of material, the wheels of the skates are made of TPU, which has strong wear resistance and slight elasticity, which can effectively reduce the impact of vibration on the body.

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