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Skateboard wheels with different hardness have different applications

Skateboard wheels are usually made of polyurethane as the main material. The proportion of polyureth

Skateboard wheels are usually made of polyurethane as the main material. The proportion of polyurethane in the wheel is different, and the hardness of the wheel is also different. Wheels are an underappreciated part of your skateboard, but they determine how you feel when you ride.

High grade skateboard wheel

  Beginners should choose wheels with lower hardness, because they can't control their skateboards well to avoid small stones, glass, debris, etc. on the road, if the hardness is too high, these debris will jam their wheels, Experienced skaters usually opt for harder wheels.

  The outer packaging of the skateboard wheel is generally marked with words such as 95A, 100A, 80B, which indicates the hardness of the wheel. The higher the number in front, the harder it is. For example a 100A wheel will be stiffer than a 95A wheel. The hardness of the wheel represented by B will be 20 points greater than that of A, that is to say, the hardness of the wheel of 80B is equivalent to the hardness of the wheel of 100A.

  If you like to brush the streets, you often have to deal with the impact of rough roads, small stones, small wooden sticks and small cracks, etc., the soft wheels with hardness between 75A-85A will make you better experience the feeling of chasing the wind. Harder wheels can provide more jumping height, Grind's performance on props is better, and it is easier to slide, suitable for all kinds of tricks. If you're a no-compromise street skater, hard wheels 95A and above are the way to go.

  The 101A hardness is generally the choice of some experienced skaters who especially like Grind and Slide. If you like to practice all kinds of movements and often brush the streets, wheels with hardness between 88A-97A are very good.

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