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What is the reason for the wheel shaking of roller skates? What should I do?

A friend who plays roller skating said that the wheel of his roller skate shoes is a little shaking.

A friend who plays roller skating said that the wheel of his roller skate shoes is a little shaking. Ask the editor of sunshine sports goods net for the reason. If the wheel shakes slightly after tightening the wheel, it basically does not affect the play. It is very common for primary roller skates. Roller skates below 1000 yuan generally do not use top-grade bearings, and the wheels are not made with top-level precision. Therefore, wheel shaking is basically inevitable. In fact, slight shaking is very important for beginners to learn roller skating or not to play particularly difficult actions Home doesn't make a big difference.

As for the causes of wheel shaking, there are the following possible reasons:

One is that the nails are too long. After tightening the screws, the space between the two blades of the bracket is larger than that of the two bearings plus the nail top sleeve. In this way, the wheel shaking is translational shaking, that is to say, it moves along the direction of nailing. This situation is relatively rare in professional roller skates.

The second is that there may be a gap between the bearing and the wheel. That is to say, the space for installing the bearing in the middle of the wheel of roller skates is a bit large. In this case, the gap between the wheel and the bearing causes the wheel to shake. This situation is more common, and it can not be eliminated for not very high-grade shoes. Even the famous high-rise roller skates are often like this in entry-level shoes For example, high st roller skates basically have slightly shaking wheels. Of course, most of the time, the screws are not fastened properly.

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