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What's the difference between smooth shoes and casual shoes?

Often on some webpages, netizens ask "what's the difference between smooth shoes and casual

Often on some webpages, netizens ask "what's the difference between smooth shoes and casual shoes?" Today, I would like to explain once again that the customer service of sunshine sports goods network has explained the basic concept of roller skating shoes to countless customers who have first contact with roller skating for millions of times.

First of all, the correct spelling is "flat shoes", not smooth shoes, the full name is flat fancy roller skates, is to play with flat skates. To play flat flower is to move around the pile pattern, because to "around", so we should pay attention to flexible steering. Therefore, the flat shoes are designed as banana wheels with two big wheels in the middle and two small wheels at the two ends. In this way, only two adjacent wheels can land on the ground every moment after wearing roller skates. Therefore, the contact point between roller skates and the ground is only the two adjacent wheels. Thus, the force arm required for turning is much shorter than when the four wheels land on the ground, so the steering is not In addition, if you want to be flexible, you can't have a long shelf for the same reason as the landing wheel. Therefore, the frame of flat shoes is generally shorter, which makes the steering more flexible. For example, the height of professional flat shoes is HV. Whether Seba wheel or gyro wheel imported from Korea is adopted, banana wheel with big middle and small two ends is adopted. In addition, the height of HV is also as short as possible, 243mm frame is used for shoes over 41 yards, with 76mm / 80mm / 80mm / 76mm wheels; and 231mm frame with 72mm / 76mm / 76mm wheels is used for HV of 40 yards and below. There are also the Jindao 858 flat shoes, which are specially designed for beginners who want to practice roller skating and mainly want to play flat flowers. All of them use this form of wheel assembly.

In addition, do flat flowers pay attention to wrap the foot good, can fix the foot well, when doing the flat flower action can accurately execute the action, so flat shoes wrap foot better. In addition, in order to be flexible while firmly fixing the foot, cuff is designed to be more flexible. Generally speaking, it is more flexible to move the ankle forward and backward.

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